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There's great HEALING power in conscious love making. It is a portal to the stars, to Source, to access other dimensions and your full potential.

Weather you make love to yourself or make love with a partner, when you allow yourself to be fully PRESENT to the experience, your cells respond to this pure Love. Presence is Love in action.

But what is presence? How can you be fully present INSIDE your body, in the moment?

To be able to be present, you first need to feel safe in your body, and comfortable with your PURE, creative se&xual energy - your life force energy.

There may be inner work to do to to remove layers of trauma and shame connected to your se&xuality. There may be a need to reconnect your HEART Center to your root and sacred Chakras - to your Yoni or Lingam.

The thing is - this healing "work" can be done THROUGH conscious love making.

You can breathe. You can stop doing and just BEING - with yourself and with your partner.

You can focus on the entire body instead of just focusing on the se&xual organs. You will eventually realize that your are multi-orgasmic... that your whole body is capable of feeling PLEASURE. You may have heartgasms - your heart expanding and opening into the Divine. Pure Unconditional Love flowing through you. Physical orgasmic sensations throughout your whole body.

You will begin to experience the healing power of love making as you allow yourself to surrender into the experience, and learn to feel safe and supported - not just by your partner but by YOU, by your own Divinity, your own empowered humanity holding the space. With your breath.

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